S01E03-Larry Indecisive Shopper

Generic nametag Larry/Bruce Cloud 9 Superstore logo Visitor

Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Matt Oberg
First Appearance: "Shots and Salsa"
Nicknames: Indecisive Shopper
Episode Count: 3


My hygienist told me she'd never seen someone with so much tartar.
— Larry, "Shots and Salsa".

S01E03-Larry Indecisive Shopper2
Larry portrayed by Matt Oberg.
Larry is a visitor to Cloud 9 Store 1217. He is shopping for a toothbrush and during the tornado, razors. Later, he is Glenn's lawyer. He is portrayed by actor Matt Oberg.

Character History

Season One

Larry comes to Cloud 9 to shop for a toothbrush. He takes an incredible amount of time deciding which one is right for him. He consults with Mateo on which brush removes tartar best, then with Amy for an "everyday" toothbrush. Amy passes him onto Elias. He is then seen consulting with Glenn and is concerned about a brush that can remove tartar again. Glenn and Larry trade off looking in each other's mouths with a flashlight. Finally Larry is seen getting into his car in the parking lot with a toothbrush he has decided on. His kids have been waiting in the car the whole time. ("Shots and Salsa")

S01E03-Larry with brush
Got it! Great day guys.

Season Two

Larry is next seen in the store just before the tornado strikes. Everyone else has found shelter and is terrified but not Larry. He interrupts Amy and Jonah in the Pharmacy to ask about a 2 for 1 sale on razors. He is confused because there are 2 razors in each pack so doesn't know if the sale is for one or two packs of razors. Jonah tells him to just take one pack and he walks away muttering into the darkened store. ("Tornado")

S02E21-Larry and razors
Maybe razors isn't your biggest worry right now.

Season Three

Larry is revealed to be a lawyer named Bruce who Glenn hires to look at paperwork that Dina has left him regarding her being Glenn's surrogate. He tells Glenn that Dina's paperwork is fine except for some small details. Glenn introduces him to Dina and assures her it is a friendly meeting. Bruce's talk to Dina is initially kind but then to Glenn's surprise he threatens litigation if Dina doesn't fulfill the agreement. He's later seen in the parking lot putting flyers under car windshields. ("Angels and Mermaids")

S03E11-Glenn and Larry
Mess with Glenn, you get the horns!


  • Larry also appears in the February 2018 Pizza Hut commercial featuring the Superstore cast. As the staff are watching the Super Bowl, he interrupts and asks where the shampoo is as his hair rejects most brands. Mateo admonishes him for not watching the game and Cheyenne asks what's wrong with him. Later, as Garrett makes an announcement about Pizza Hut rewards points, Larry takes his piece of pizza.
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