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Life's Works Church

Life's Works Church Cloud 9 Superstore logo.jpg Glenn's Church
Location: St Louis, Missouri — First Appearance: "Viral Video"

That's the Jesus! Now, come on, I'll buy you that magnet from the gift shop.
— Glenn to Mateo, "Viral Video".

S03E17-Lifes Works Church Myspace.jpg
The church's MySpace page.
Life's Works Church is Glenn's church. The church has a gift shop and offers a nuptial package which includes a baptism at half price. Its first appearance is in the Season Three episode "Viral Video".


Season Three

Glenn suspects that Mateo is signing up fake customers for the Cloud 9 rewards card as the employees receive $1 for each customer they sign up. Mateo lies that he isn't signing up fake customers and tries various ruses to trick Glenn into believing he is signing up legitimate customers. Once Glenn reveals Mateo's deception, he says he's sorry but Glenn doesn't believe he's truly redemptive. Mateo asks what he can do to show Glenn he is sincere so Glenn brings him to Life's Works Church and baptizes him. ("Viral Video")

S03E08-Lifes Works Church inside.jpg
Glenn baptizing Mateo in the sanctuary.


  • During the strike, Glenn mentions that one of the protesters, Maggie, is from this church. She's protesting transgender people using the women's bathroom. Glenn says she's a bigot and she thinks she's so great because she has a karaoke machine. ("Strike")
  • A realtor, Kathy goes to this church who rents Bo and Cheyenne's House to them. Glenn also tries to arrange to have Bo and Cheyenne married at this church which involves choosing either a white or a black choir. The black choir, "Lucius and the Gang" is chosen and Glenn mentions he gets points in the gift shop for the referral. ("Dog Adoption Day")
  • The church has a "Last Chances Program" for former drug addicts or kids with criminal records who can't find work. Glenn hires seasonal staff from the program including Eugene, Isaac, Nick and Sue. ("Seasonal Help")
  • Dina says Glenn has unsuccessfully tried five times to become a deacon at this church. ("Lost and Found")
  • Glenn receives emails from the church's Wiffle ball team. ("Ladies' Lunch")
  • Jerusha tells Amy that a woman from this church was divorced from a man she met on Facebook who was already married to several other women and one man from Singapore. He took all her money and it was on "Dateline." ("Golden Globes Party")
  • Pastor Craig is from this church. Glenn brings him to the Ozark Highlands store to give a sermon and take care of the souls of the staff who Glenn sees as needing saving. ("Amnesty") He later returns to the store to sell his book and get donations for the church. ("Cloud Green")
  • Garrett comes across the church's MySpace page when in Glenn's Office using his computer to augment Mateo's checkout register score. ("District Manager")
  • Glenn becomes frantic while rehearsing for the role of Judas in the church's Passion Play. ("Easter")
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