Music Cloud 9 Superstore logo.jpg Customer Interludes
Location: Cloud 9 Store 1217First Appearance: "Pilot"

S03E02-Sandra ukulele.jpg
Sandra plays ♫ Radiohead - Creep ♫ on a ukulele.
Superstore music is usually played during scene changes showing customers and their odd behaviour. It's also played during key scenes with the show characters. When songs are played is shown in each episode plot section. The original artist is noted when a generic cover of the song is played. Its first appearance is in the Season One episode "Pilot".


S03E18-ATM guys.jpg
   "Local Vendors Day"
Featuring: ♫ Britney Spears - If U Seek Amy

An older man at an ATM has to constantly use his body to shield the keypad while typing in his passcode due to a younger man who keeps trying to see what he is entering in.

S03E18-Burrito Brians.jpg
   "Local Vendors Day"
Featuring: ♫ Chi-Lites - Have You Seen Her?

A local vendor, Burrito Brian, is eating a slice of pizza with gusto.

♫ Superstore Season Three Music ♫
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