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Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Jon Barinholtz
First Appearance: "Demotion"
Episode Count: 42


All right, this is it. Winner gets Amy.
— Marcus, "Ladies' Lunch".

Marcus portrayed by Jon Barinholtz.
Marcus White is an employee at Cloud 9 Store 1217. He was a sales associate who became supervisor of the warehouse. He is a loud-mouth who isn't very bright and is an ex-con. He was one of the six employees who was fired when the store was hit by a tornado. He is portrayed by actor Jon Barinholtz.

Character History

Season One

Marcus is first mentioned by Amy who says he is in court testifying against his grandmother. ("Secret Shopper") His first appearance is at the morning meeting when Dina announces she is stepping down as assistant manager. Later, he interviews for the assistant manager position in which he accidentally mentions he stole head phones and then demands to see surveillance video to prove he did it. He is surprised that the store has surveillance cameras. He then interrupts Jonah by Dina's truck as Jonah talks to her about not wanting to date her. Dina has already moved on and Marcus is there to go on a date with Dina at her apartment. ("Demotion")

S01E10-Marcus date with Dina
You're about to meet a lot of birds Marcus.

Season Two

Marcus is part of the group with Cheyenne writing their biggest dream on a card. Marcus' dream is to go to Mars but Jonah suggests something more realistic and he should go to Disneyland. Marcus says that would be too expensive. He then takes Elias' card which is to nail Scarlett Johansson. ("Olympics") Marcus and Amy work the deli counter since Dom is off work. Marcus has never worked the meat slicer and cuts off his thumb. Amy sends Marcus to the hospital, puts his thumb in a container of guacamole which is misplaced. The container is eventually found by a customer and his thumb is brought to the hospital to be re-attached. ("Back to Work")

S00E1-Marcus takes Elias card
Yeah, that'll happen.

S02E02-Marcus cuts off thumb
I don't wanna!

On election day 2016, Marcus now has his thumb in a special glove. After Amy asks him who he voted for, he tries to ingratiate himself with her, Jonah and Garrett and acts like he is one of their "gang" which he calls "the core four". He ignores their requests to stop asking them out for drinks. Garrett catches him watching porn on a laptop. Later, both Dina and Glenn ask his advice on how to get a reduced prison sentence. He tells them both to secretly record a confession. When Jonah's girlfriend Naomi comes to the store and he can't help Amy with the pamphlets, she recruits Marcus. He bullies Myrtle into voting and after their candidate is elected, he tries to kiss Amy in the Break Room. ("Election Day")

S02E07-Marcus on for drinks
We still on for drinks?

S02E07-Marcus kiss Amy
I thought it was a flirty thing!

Marcus is in the Break Room when Glenn announces that the store's computer is down and only cash can be accepted. When the staff learn of Amy's marriage counselling, he tells Jonah that he has dibs on Amy if her marriage fails and keeps repeating this during the game of "taped muffin". When his team wins the game, he says he wins Amy much to Jonah's annoyance. He then tells Amy to keep him "posted on things" which confuses her. ("Ladies' Lunch")

S02E12-Marcus wins Amy
Yes, I win Amy!
After Myrtle files a sexual harassment complaint against Amy, Glenn and Arthur, Jeff Sutin gathers all the staff in the Break Room to watch a training video. Marcus asks Jeff if he asked someone out and she said she's busy that night, can he ask her out again on a different night. Jeff says he can as long as the person isn't trying to politely stop the asks. Marcus then points at Sarah and asks which situation applies to them. Sarah speaks for the first time and says "the second one" meaning she doesn't want to go out with him. Marcus fakes nonchalance and says asking her out was just a joke. ("Valentine's Day")

S02E13-Marcus asks Sarah
Take a hint Marcus.
When the store's heating system malfunctions and it is very hot, Amy discovers a leaking pallet of yogurt left in an aisle and she asks new Warehouse supervisor Marcus to take care of it. Marcus indicates he got the promotion because he didn't sue the store when his thumb was cut off. He agrees but later, she finds the spill is still there. Amy and Jonah confront Marcus and his staff in the warehouse where he chides her and calls her overly emotional and tells her to smile. A war of insults ensues which Jonah tries to mediate. At a meeting in the warehouse, both sides admit fault but Marcus makes escalating comments and Amy fires him. Later, after the store has cooled, Marcus returns to work and apologizes, blaming his behavior on the heat. Amy is relieved to see him as she didn't have the authority to fire him. She doesn’t tell Marcus this and lets him off with a "warning" and he returns to work. ("Super Hot Store")

S02E14-Marcus new supervisor
Don't sue, get promoted.

S02E14-Marcus rolls eyes at Jonah
You're being a bigger b*tch than Amy!

Marcus tells Amy that Sandra isn't dating Jeff Sutin and she's crazy. Later in the Break Room, Marcus, Justine and Myrtle are talking about Sandra. Amy and Cheyenne make the situation worse by inadvertently adding more lies culminating in that she is pregnant. Marcus then starts collecting money for Sandra's baby shower. Later, he's in the Break Room after Glenn's low blood sugar attack, when Glenn accuses Jeff of abandoning Sandra, Jeff tells everyone he is gay and Dina reveals she's having sex with Garrett. ("Wellness Fair") Marcus is in the Break Room when Glenn brings his kids to work, says he doesn't wash after urinating and flirts with Kristen. Later, he does a bad Batman impression for three of the kids and then can't use the walkie-talkie when Dina asks for a store lock-down. He keeps messing up taking the Sturgis family photo. ("Glenn's Kids")

S02E15-Justine Marcus Myrtle gossip
The gossip gang.

S02E18-Marcus takes pic
Give it up Marcus.

Marcus learns at the morning meeting of lay-offs and that he wasn't invited to Cheyenne's wedding. He's upset when he learns that new employee Alisha was invited. Later in the Break Room, Glenn asks everyone to write down who they think should be laid off, Marcus objects and everyone writes down his name. Marcus is among those who block Glenn leaving the store and finds out he is laid off. He is in Mateo's Dave Matthews Band alliance but Mateo backs out. He is in the group in the Stock Room with Glenn who wait out the tornado. He's upset that being laid off means he won't be able to put doors on his car. He survives and afterwards is thrilled to get an invitation for a drink from Jonah and Mateo. ("Tornado")

S02E21-Marcus not invited
I wasn't invited?!

S02E21-Marcus and Mateo get a drink
We should call ourselves "The Horsemen".

Season Three

Marcus is re-hired and is seen during the store's re-opening. He is surprised when Amy and Jonah ask him to hang out (because they are uncomfortable with each other). He suggests they post life-sized pictures of aisles instead of stocking them which is done on one aisle. Amy asks him to help unload a truck and he offers for Jonah to move in with him but his portrayal of what it will be like is creepy. ("Grand Re-Opening")

S03E01-Amy Marcus Jonah
Hang out Marcus!
Marcus mentions Sarah has a restraining order against him and he is part of the after-work trivia group. When discussing what to do if someone is stealing a baby, Marcus wonders if the situation is different if the baby was Hitler. When Dina challenges Jonah to a fight, Marcus tries to get the staff to repeatedly yell "fight!". When the fight stops because Jonah gets an erection, Marcus tries to get the staff to tler. When Dina challenges Jonah to a fight, Marcus tries to get the staff to repeatedly yells "fight!". When Jonah gets an erection during the fight, Marcus again tries to get a chant going by yelling "boner". ("Workplace Bullying")

S03E04-Marcus fight chant
Fight, fight!
When Mateo has an ear infection, Marcus believes that root beer is the perfect food and can cure anything. Marcus is part of the employees who listen to Jonah's pitch to create a health fund. He believes it's a pyramid scheme but contributes to get ahead of everyone else. He's then seen pouring root beer into Mateo's ear. He approaches Amy to have her sign a thank you card for Jonah creating the fund. At the meeting to improve the health fund, Marcus accuses Amy and Jonah of theft and benefiting from the fund. Sandra tattles that Marcus' leg is "messed up" and he reveals it to be badly infected. As plan becomes hopelessly complicated, Marcus proposes that the fund be restricted to those that can pass "Ninja Warrior" type tests. He pares this down to jumping on a table and Isaac takes him up on the challenge. Isaac ends up falling into the glass of a vending machine and is badly cut. ("Health Fund")

S03E06-Marcus pours into Mateo ear
I can feel it fizzing.
Marcus and Corey are caught by Amy sneaking sips from a flask. They think she is going to discipline them but to prove she can be crazy, she takes several pulls from the flask and then starts a party by spiking the cocoa urn. Amy relates high school antics which Marcus doesn't believe and he dares her to call her ex Adam. Justine offers crushed Adderall to be sniffed off her boobs but Marcus is too busy playing cups. Marcus witnesses Glenn's dazzling Christmas light display. ("Christmas Eve") Marcus has a podcast which lists celebrities he would sleep with. ("Viral Video")

S03E07-Corey Marcus Amy w flask
Marcus loves to drink.
Marcus is in the Break Room as Jeff announces that $80,000 more sales by day end will result in the store being re-classified as "quadruple A". He asks if the Pizza Hut the store will get will also sell soda. He supports Jeff when Amy and Jonah are suspicious of the re-classification and agrees to do a celebratory balloon drop. He doesn't listen when Amy gathers the staff in the Warehouse to tell them the consequences of being re-classified. To discourage sales, he kicks a customer's shopping basket and takes another customer's shopping cart. He accidentally does the balloon drop when everyone thinks the store has been re-classified. In the Break Room, as the staff sit depressed and try to accept the store will be "Quad-A", Marcus says he'll miss break time with everyone when they were all looking at their phones. ("High Volume Store")

S03E10-Marcus-Jeff w hat
Man, I can't wait for it to be great.
As the staff help Cheyenne with mermaid items for Harmonica's birthday, Marcus wishes he was a mermaid and says he doesn't believe in kangaroos. In the Break Room, Marcus leads the staff in classifying various beings as real, mythical or extinct. In the store, Glenn apologizes to Dina for his lawyer Bruce's behaviour but she indicates that she'll be having sex with Marcus (much to his delighted surprise) and so might become pregnant and won't be able to be his surrogate. Marcus is trying to understand the rules for having sex with Dina but she indicates that it was just a negotiation tactic with Glenn which leaves him confused. Glenn arrives with Sandra who he says is his new surrogate. Dina gets frisky with Marcus while Glenn threatens to give Sandra a hormone shot all in front of Mateo who's had enough. He gets Glenn and Dina to make up leaving Marcus and Sandra feeling used and staring at each other. Marcus is so confused he thinks Sandra is hitting on him when she says she's going back to work. ("Angels and Mermaids")

S03E11-Marcus and whiteboard
Kangaroos aren't real.

S03E11-Dina kisses Marcus
Dina kisses Marcus.

Hearing that Amy is open to dating, Marcus invites Amy to his water bed to work out their Kermit and Miss Piggy dynamic. He offers to quit when Amy says she won't date a co-worker. As Mateo and Cheyenne guess who Amy hooked up with, Cheyenne guesses Marcus. Marcus is indignant when he overhears that Tate and Amy slept together and confronts her. Marcus says he has "dibs" on Amy (see Ladies' Lunch) and believes that Amy has to have a one-nighter with him since Tate had one. Marcus proposes a dating schedule that involves all of Amy's encounters. ("Groundhog Day") He's among the staff at the store front as Dina mentions the release of "Barbarians Gate 3". After breastfeeding mothers stage a "nurse-in" protest, he wonders what body parts men can bare in the store and is enthused over Sandra's idea to market cheese made from breast milk. ("Video Game Release")

S03E12-Marcus dibs
I had dibs!
In the Break Room, Marcus gives a presentation on cheese to the staff while Sandra hands out samples. After he names a few basic cheeses and asks what others exist, various types are named. He doesn't recognize any and shows a slide with a nursing mother and touts human cheese. The staff spit out the samples but he assures them it's just string cheese and then asks who wants to invest in creating human cheese. Marcus tries to convince Jonah, Garrett and Mateo to invest in human cheese but Mateo is distracted by a customer he likes. Some staff gathers around Mateo as he is icing his wrist. Marcus and Justine both tell Mateo they received a settlement when they were hurt. Marcus didn't know he could have negotiated for more money and thinks he should get hurt again.

S03E14-Marcus and cheese
Invest in the breast!
In the deli, Sofia catches Marcus trying to cut his thumb off in the meat slicer. Marcus continues to try and cut his thumb off but can't summon the courage. Garrett catches Marcus on a ladder and finds out he's trying to get injured but is too scared. Marcus asks Garrett for help and he accepts. In the Stock Room, Garrett ominously asks Marcus to climb into the box crusher while holding the start button. Marcus can't climb into the box crusher and says Garrett is freaking him out. Garrett says it's because Marcus knows the accident is coming. Garrett says he'll strike when Marcus has totally forgotten about him arranging for an accident and that he won't relent even if Marcus says he doesn't want to get hurt. Marcus is terrified. Later, Marcus watches the video when Amy and Jonah's kiss is revealed. ("Safety Training")

S03E14-Garrett Marcus Stock Room
One day, out of the blue, BAM! You're rich.
Before meeting the new district manager Laurie, Marcus hopes she is a WILF. Justine, Marcus and Sandra watch Laurie work. Marcus complains that she is like a teacher in a porn movie who just teaches. When Myrtle challenges Jonah to name movies that Ginger Rogers was better than Rita Hayworth in, Jonah can't but Marcus does while mixing up the title names. As Amy and Laurie review the personnel files, Laurie asks if Marcus' IQ is low while watching him laugh at a greeting card. In the Break Room, as the staff posit on whether it is sexist to call a woman a bitch who is acting like one, Marcus is pleased Jonah agrees with him and ponders whether people would defend Hitler if he was a woman. He and Glenn watch Myrtle crash a delivery truck into Glenn's SUV. ("District Manager") Marcus spends his life savings to create boob cheese which he is unsuccessful in selling at Local Vendors Day. He reveals to Mateo that he takes the breast milk from unattended baby bottles. He coerces Jonah into trying some which he doesn't like. ("Local Vendors Day")

S03E17-Marcus red pill brothers
Red pill brothers!

S03E18-Marcus boob cheese
I mainly work with found milk.

After Glenn announces that the Missouri Lottery jackpot is the most its been in 20 years. Marcus relates his lottery dream. Later, as Glenn gives a Cloud 9 personal budgeting session to the staff, Marcus encourages staff to buy one lobster to be eaten a little each day over two weeks. He's concerned about health care and says he pees in the shower. ("Lottery") Marcus watches the ultrasound of the baby Dina is carrying for Glenn and Jerusha. He does an impression of Richard Nixon which he thinks is Ronald Reagan. In the Warehouse, he finds a retainer which he thinks is his and puts in his mouth. He's at the gender reveal party and congratulates Glenn and Jerusha on having a white baby. ("Gender Reveal")

S03E20-Marcus retainer
I found my retainer!
In the Break Room after Amy tells everyone she's pregnant, Marcus says he could tell by looking at photos he's taken of her. He interrupts Jonah and Kelly making plans for brunch and wants to join them or meet them afterward. As Amy tells Cheyenne how Alex took the news of her being pregnant with Adam's baby, Marcus says he's been in Alex's position many times. Marcus tells Amy that her pregnancy wouldn't stop him from being with her. She insincerely says she'll get back to him but Marcus thinks he has a chance. When the staff video starts with inspirational words on screen, Marcus jokes that it's a book not a movie. ("Aftermath")

S03E21-Marcus offer to Amy
You being pregnant isn't a deal breaker.
Marcus is in the Break Room to hear Laurie announce the store will be hosting the town hall which he attends. In the Warehouse, Amy and Jonah tell the staff about Cloud 9's policy to fire older employees without cause and try to make plans to use the town hall to reveal this. Marcus wonders why they want Myrtle back as she "sucked" not realizing she's listening on speaker phone. At the town hall, CEO Neil fields questions beginning with Marcus asking how Cloud 9 decides on selling new products and telling Neil about boob cheese. Neil can't believe Marcus is selling human cheese but Marcus takes Neil's reaction as a go to sell it at Cloud 9. He's among the staff that Jeff and Glenn approach after the town hall is over. ("Town Hall")

S03E22-Marcus lets do it
Let's do it!

Season Four

Isaac introduces Noam to Jonah, calls him "J-Bone" and advises Noam to see Jonah for sexual advice. Marcus asks how sex with Amy was and goads Jonah into admitting it was good which results in them dancing lewdly. They continue to tease Jonah who insists Amy was an equal partner in the act. During the harassment meeting, Marcus asks if Amy had sex with Noam and suggests Jonah felt obligated to have sex with Amy because she's his supervisor. As Sandra insists there was no harassment, Marcus asks why Amy and Jonah aren't together. ("Back To School")

S04E01-Marcus Isaac groove
Your body is a wonderland!
Marcus is dressed as a Rastafarian for Halloween. In the parking lot, he watches Sandra lead the automatic cart collector around using its fob and asks Dina if the collector will still work if the fob is swallowed. Glenn catches Isaac, Marcus and Sandra playing with the collector, takes the fob and orders them back into the store. Wanting to win the store costume contest, Amy and Mateo manipulate Janet into asking Marcus to stop wearing his Rastafarian costume since Janet is part Jamaican. In the Break Room, Amy accuses Mateo of complaining to win the competition. Mateo lies that he was genuinely offended so Amy gets Marcus, who is Italian, to sort of say he's OK with her costume.

S04E04-Sandra others with carts
This will be a teachable moment.
As Cheyenne and Marcus rue not being able to wear their costumes, they're told it's because the costumes objectify cultures. When Amy justifies being able to dress as Mario, Marcus takes her to mean that dressing up as a specific Rastafarian, Bob Marley, is OK. When it's agreed that a racially appropriate costume is one where the culture is honored, Marcus is allowed to wear his costume for the contest. Going first, he sets the tone for all the contestants by saying that the Rastafari movement isn't about ganja and bobsleds but about resisting the tyranny of white oppressors. ("Costume Competition")

S04E04-Break Room
Then everything be irie, mon.
After Glenn announces an issue with Sayid's immigration status as a Syrian refugee, Marcus thinks Sayid is a fugitive and then disagrees on the cause of the American Civil War with Garrett. Marcus speculates that Sayid is part of ISIS which Dina counters, and everyone agrees that Marcus is a more likely terrorist. After Cheyenne and Mateo try to convince Glenn that Sayid is a habitual liar, Marcus worries that Sayid lied about liking his haircut which he hopes makes him look like Jeff Probst. ("Managers' Conference")

S04E08-Dina and Marcus
I would not rent you a U-Haul, ever.
Marcus is in the Break Room as Amy watches the management training video Glenn made for her and mentions he was tricked into starring in a video. Later, Cheyenne and Mateo show Marcus various logos for their company and ask how they make him feel. After asking Amy if she's putting pictures of naked horses in his locker, he shows Amy a purchase order she made for ice pops which is for a hundred times more than she meant to order. Later in the Warehouse, looking at many ice pop boxes, Amy asks for help hiding them from Glenn. It being winter, Marcus offers to hide them outside the store.

S04E09-Marcus Mateo Cheyenne
I feel scared.

In the parking lot, Marcus shows Garrett that he's "hidden" the ice pop boxes in various places such as stuffing them into the cart return area and by creating box snowmen. Amy can't stop Glenn from heading into the parking lot and expecting to see the ice pop boxes everywhere, Amy is surprised to see that the lot looks normal. However, as a car goes to park, it rips into a huge photo of the lot and crashes into the ice pop boxes which are hidden behind the photo. Marcus asks Amy to pay for the giant photo but she refuses. ("Shadowing Glenn")

S04E09-Marcus Garrett parking lot
So, it's not good?

S04E09-Marcus Amy parking lot
Kinda maxed out my mom's credit card.

As Jonah and Mateo organize an activist group opposing Rodrigo Duterte, Marcus is their first recruit. Marcus attends a meeting of the group and suggests a march and drastic action against Duterte. He's at the rally in the parking lot with the news reporter and interrupting and speaking to the camera, identifies Mateo and says that Mateo is going to kill Duterte. ("Cloud 9 Academy")

S04E10-Jonah Marcus Mateo news
This guy right here, he's a comin' for ya.
Marcus is in the Break Room as Glenn announces the steps challenge. After the store front is spray-painted, seemingly by Bel-Ridge, Marcus yells that Bel-Ridge should be destroyed. Finding Sandra, Isaac and Marcus trying to fix a broken price scanner, Amy is able to convince them that Bel-Ridge is responsible for breaking the scanner and for other woes in their lives. As a customer tries to return a blender, Marcus and Sayid turn on him when they discover he bought the blender at the Bel-Ridge store. The next morning, Glenn reports that Bel-Ridge's Break Room was sprayed with hot deer urine. From a note and a Super Soaker left behind, Dina fingers Marcus for the vandalism which he admits to. After Bel-Ridge trashes the Break Room, Marcus wants to hit Bel-Ridge again. ("Steps Challenge")

S04E11-Sandra throws can
Why don't you take your ten now.
Trying to leave the store during a snowstorm, Marcus loses his shoes outside. As Glenn gathers the staff and customers in the Break Room and breaks the news that they're all stuck in the store for the evening, Marcus and Isaac rue that they'll miss their chili night. He's part of the staff that sit in a circle and tell how they lost their virginity. Marcus is startled by a seemingly sleeping Dina who has painted eyes on her eyelids. In the morning, Amy and Jonah are greeted by Marcus who is wearing nothing from the waist down. At Coffee & Bakery, he relates that the most embarrassing way he was injured was slipping in the shower on his poop. Later, he does poorly at identifying drinks while blind-folded. ("Blizzard")

S04E12-Break Room
The chili's the whole point.

Marcus takes off his shirt so that Cheyenne can tattoo a picture of his mother's face on his back. Mateo points out how weird this is which Marcus doesn't get. Cheyenne stops tattooing Marcus and pulling Mateo aside, says she's messed up. Mateo yelps when he sees the tattoo and then covers for Cheyenne by insinuating that the tattoo looks like a model's face. Cheyenne's attempts to fix the tattoo just make it worse and she decides to cover it up with a hat and try another face underneath. Marcus shrieks in agony as Cheyenne's tattoo continues to grow as she attempts to fix it. Marcus looks at the final tattoo which has a tall top hat with a creepy face beneath it and he shrieks at Cheyenne. ("Lovebirds")

S04E13-Cheyenne Marcus Mateo
Wow, that that sure is something.

S04E13-Marcus tattoo
Moms wear many hats...

Marcus meets the new, inept store manager, Blaine, and learning Amy could have had the job, makes an interesting appeal to her that sacrifices have to be made for the greater good. ("Minor Crimes") Mateo addresses a group of staff including, Ted, Taylor, Roxy, Sayid and Marcus and gives them assignments. When Sayid questions his authority, Mateo bluffs that he's been given it which Marcus backs him up on. After Amy's salary is revealed, Marcus says that he makes more than Amy and it's discovered he's been being paid ten times his hourly wage due to an error. Amy wants him to return the over payments. Jonah is incredulous with Marcus' impoverished lifestyle despite the money he has been making. ("Salary")

I can't pay that money back!
Marcus is in the Break Room as Amy announces the store's plans for Earth Day. Jonah can't get him interested in planting trees unless paid to do so. Cheyenne starts a "Green Team" meeting while Jonah sits on the sidelines. Asking for suggestions, Sandra, Marcus and Sayid want to tackle various issues which have nothing to do with the environment and post on social media. Watching Cheyenne, Mateo, Marcus and Sayid take pictures to post on social media, Jonah points out they're not doing anything to help the environment. Jonah starts his own environmental group up which Marcus dubs the "Green Posse" with Sandra, Heather, Ted and Roxy. Marcus offers to be leader which Jonah quickly shoots down. ("Cloud Green")

S04E18-Hashtag sign
Let's show pollution what we think about it.
After the staff's work hours are cut back, Amy refers Janet and Marcus to Dina when they complain to her about their hours. Dina stands firm and Marcus thanks Amy for trying. In the store's tunnels, Mateo hears a noise and finds that Marcus is living there. Marcus begs Mateo to not tell anyone and guilts him into staying for noodles. An embarrassed Marcus doesn't believe Mateo can relate to his situation so Mateo confesses he's undocumented. Marcus promises to keep Mateo's secret, as long as his doesn't get out. ("Scanners") After tweets critical of the store (made secretly by Amy and Jonah) are discovered by corporate, Carol blames Sandra for making them. After she is fired, a group of staff are waiting for Sandra and greet her enthusiastically, praising the tweets. Marcus leads the group in chanting Sandra's name. ("CLOUD9FAIL")

S04E19-Marcus in tunnels
Ride together, die together.
In Break Room, discussion of unions involving Marcus, Justine, Sayid and others results in Dina shutting down the room. Living in the store, Marcus stumbles into the union meeting with Robin Green in his underwear. ("Sandra's Fight") Marcus listens to Amy announce "Employee Appreciation Day" and wonders if he should get a massage, due to the tattoo Cheyenne gave him being infected. He watches the anti-union video starring MC Cool Cloud. After ICE enters the store, in the Stock Room, he proposes that Mateo hide in the compactor which Mateo thinks is crazy. He accidentally activates the compactor which crushes a pile of mannequins. In the Warehouse, trying to come up with a plan for Mateo, he admits he's been living in the store and wonders if they can get Mateo back into the US if he's deported. After it's decided to bring as many people in the store to try and slip Mateo out, Marcus brings in his "bro squad." He watches Mateo being driven away by ICE agents. ("Employee Appreciation Day")

S04E22-Marcus Stock Room
Sorry, my fingers are still greasy.



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