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You guys don't hear anything do you?
— Mary ignoring Dina, "Back to Work".

Mary was an employee at Cloud 9 Store 1217. She is a sales associate who does not like Dina. She is portrayed by actress Blair Beeken.

Character History

Season Two

For your moustache.

After the strike to get manager Glenn his job back is over, a number of employees are disgruntled that Dina did not support them. Mary is seen with such a group of staff making fun of Dina. Dina approaches them and tells them to get back to work. Mary ignores her and says she can't hear anything. Dina then tells a lie to Peter that his wife died. Peter says he is unmarried and everyone knows he is gay. Dina triumphantly says that she knew everyone could hear her. Later in an insincere apology attempt, Dina gives some staff presents. She gives Mary men's razors and says it's for her moustache. Mary walks away in disgust. ("Back to Work") Mary is part of Mateo's gay alliance during the lay-offs but she says she's not gay which Mateo doesn't believe. She is a 42.5 on Glenn's employee rating scale out of 10 and attends the Break Room meeting to decide who should be laid off. ("Tornado")

Season Three

As Mateo and Cheyenne guess who Amy hooked up with, Cheyenne guesses Mary. ("Groundhog Day") Her name is on the whiteboard list of those who'd like to have sex with Amy, meaning she is probably not a lesbian but bisexual. ("Gender Reveal") }}


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