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Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Cecily Strong
First Appearance: "Olympics"
Episode Count: 1


Magic isn't real. It's tricks. Done by a liar. Remember that.
— Missy Jones to Cheyenne, "Olympics".

S00E01-Missy Jones
Missy Jones portrayed by Cecily Strong.
Missy Jones is an Olympic athlete that had a signing in Cloud 9 Store 1217 for her book entitled "Believe It, Achieve It". She is also Amy's hero. She is portrayed by actress Cecily Strong.

Character History

Season Two

In the Break Room, Glenn announces that as part of the store's Olympic celebration, American gold medal winning gymnast Missy Jones will be appearing in the store. Amy is thrilled as Missy Jones is a hero of hers. Amy is too shy to approach Missy Jones so Dina goes over and Amy follows. Dina asks Missy about sex in the Olympic village which Missy won't answer. Amy tries talking to Missy but she's so nervous that Missy takes her hand and tells Amy that she's the best in the world at being herself. Amy is amazed while Dina returns with more sex questions.

S00E1-Missy olympic card
Your eyes are like lasers.
Amy brings Cheyenne to meet Missy Jones who inspires them both with a "dream card" she'd written "Olympics" on when she was five. Missy pinned this on her bedroom wall as a reminder of her goal and imparted that the "magic" in achieving goals lies within. Cheyenne is impressed. Missy says goodbye to Amy and Cheyenne who is so inspired that she decides to quit school and become an Olympic gymnast. Later, Cheyenne shows some staff Missy's "dream card" technique but she is espousing that anything written on a card will come true. Amy and Jonah interrupt and try to inject some realism which discourages the staff and Cheyenne. ("Olympics")

It's just a card.
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