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I'm Mo Frank, reporting live from the Cloud 9 on Ozark Highlands Road where things are anything but heavenly.
— Mo Frank, "Strike".

Mo Frank is a visitor to Cloud 9 Store 1217. He is a news reporter for station KRXJ. He is portrayed by actor Bob Wiltfong.

Character History

Season Two

That's Doob-anowski.

Mo Frank is first seen when the staff go on strike in support of getting manager Glenn his job back. As he interviews Amy about the reason for the protest, Maggie interrupts Amy and indicates that the protest is about transgenders using the store's bathrooms. He asks Amy why restricting transgender rights are so important to her but, as Amy says this is not the issue, another protester interrupts who wants statehood for Puerto Rico. Amy finally gets out that the strike is about worker's rights, that Cloud 9 is a rat and points towards an inflatable teddy bear, which was supposed to be a rat. As Mo Frank points out that that the inflatable animal is a teddy bear and not a rat, Amy sarcatically replies that she knows. ("Strike")

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