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Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Brian Howe
First Appearance: "Town Hall"
Nicknames: Neil Farterson
Episode Count: 2


I'm not the one who farted.
— Neil, "Town Hall".

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Neil portrayed by Brian Howe.
Neil Penderson is the CEO of Cloud 9 and works at Cloud 9 Headquarters. He is portrayed by actor Brian Howe.

Character History

Season Three

Neil, accompanied by Laurie holds a globally broadcast town hall meeting at the Ozark Highlands store. As Laurie introduces Glenn to Neil, Glenn is extremely nervous and stammers inappropriate comments on an employee at the store who's also named Glenn. The town hall starts with Neil introducing Glenn and is seen in Cloud 9 stores around the world. Glenn joins Neil on stage but as he launches into his speech, a fart is heard. Total silence envelopes the town hall while the staff stifle laughs and the global viewers watch. Neil takes the mic from Glenn who blames the fart on Neil. They argue about who is the culprit is until Neil dismisses Glenn from the stage.

S03E22-Glenn Neil fart
You had a human moment.
Neil fields questions beginning with Marcus asking how Cloud 9 decides on selling new products and telling Neil about boob cheese. Neil can't believe Marcus is selling human cheese but Marcus takes Neil's reaction as a go to sell it at Cloud 9. Neil answers a question from Gary and starts wrapping up until Dina interrupts and stalls for time. Jeff runs to the mic, removes his disguise and announces himself but Neil doesn't know who he is. Jeff has an incriminating email that Cloud 9 unfairly fires older employees like Myrtle but Laurie subtly informs Neil that Myrtle was let go due to performance issues. Jeff contradicts this but Neil interrupts him and offers him a job at Cloud 9 HQ. Jeff caves and lies that Myrtle was let go because she was a gang member. After Neil leaves, Glenn calls him Neil "Farterson". ("Town Hall")

S03E22-Laurie and Neil
Weasel 1 and Weasel 2.

Season Four

At Cloud 9 Headquarters, Neil asks how the union situation at Cloud 9 Store 1217 is going. Receiving a report from Dan, who indicates among other actions that ICE will be doing an on-site enforcement, Jeff comments on how extreme that is. Jeff excuses himself to go to the bathroom. Neil says that Jeff makes him uncomfortable. ("Employee Appreciation Day")

S04E22-Neil uncomfortable
You don't have to announce it.
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