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Pharmacy Cloud 9 Superstore logo.jpg Doctor Tate Staskiewicz
Location: Cloud 9 Store 1217First Appearance: "Shots and Salsa"

I don't want to die in a Cloud 9 surrounded by diarrhea medicine!
Amy, "Tornado".

Pharmacy sign-S01E03.jpg
Pharmacy Sign.
The Pharmacy is operated by Doctor Tate Staskiewicz. Tate is an egotist and an elitist who casually tells his patient's personal information to others. Besides prescription and over the counter medication, it also offers flu shots. The Pharmacy hours are Monday-Friday 10am-10pm, Saturday 10am-8pm and Sunday noon-6pm. Its first appearance is in the Season One episode "Shots and Salsa".


   "Shots and Salsa"
Featuring: Jonah and Tate

Jonah offers to carry boxes of flu shots to the Pharmacy and ends up doing Tate's job for him including giving shots and dealing with irate customers when the vaccines run out.

   "Guns, Pills, and Birds"
Featuring: Glenn and Tate

Glenn is distressed that the Pharmacy sells the morning-after pill and buys the entire stock to stop a young couple from using them. He finds out how expensive they are and Tate refuses to accept them back.

   "Black Friday"
Featuring: Amy, Glenn and Tate

Glenn is stressed due to the pressure of Black Friday and asks Tate for advice on taking some anti-anxiety medication. Amy asks for a pregnancy test kit.

   "Lost and Found"
Featuring: Glenn and Tate

Due to the prevalence of the seasonal depression, Glenn asks Tate for advice and learns many of the employees are on medication for depression.

Featuring: Amy, Jonah and Larry

Amy and Jonah hunker down in the Pharmacy to wait out the tornado. With the store, shaking, Larry asks them about 2 for 1 razors, seemingly oblivious to the storm. When it strikes, Amy kisses Jonah.

   "Grand Re-Opening"
Featuring: Two pharmacists

Two pharmacists are frantically putting pills into bottles and later they open the protective barriers. The Pharmacy hours are shown.

S03E03-Pharmacy customer.jpg
   "Part-Time Hires"
Featuring: A customer

A customer helps himself to behind the counter items while Chaka Khan - Sweet Thing plays.

S03E06-Glenn Tate Pharmacy.jpg
   "Health Fund"
Featuring: Tate, Mateo, Glenn, Isaac, Jonah, Amy

Mateo seeks medication with a prescription from Tate for his ear infection. Later, Glenn has Tate examine a mole on his penis but Tate also drops his pants and asks Glenn to look at his penis. Tate then treats Isaac's facial cuts with super glue but his glove becomes glued to Isaac's face.

S03E12-Tate and Mateo.jpg
   "Groundhog Day"
Featuring: Amy, Cheyenne, Tate and Mateo

Tate treats Amy's groundhog bite and discusses her getting back into dating. Mateo offers offers to set Amy up with one of his five single cousins. Amy declines as she is focusing on herself and mentions some of her activities which leads Tate to conclude she is boring.

S03E13-Garrett Mateo Pharmacy.jpg
   "Groundhog Day"
Featuring: Garrett and Mateo

Garrett asks Mateo if he'll help him becomes friends with his gaming voice actor idol, Erick.

S03E14-Mateo and staff-Pharmacy.jpg
   "Safety Training"
Featuring: Garrett, Jonah, Justine, Marcus, Mateo, Stacey, Taylor

Mateo ices his wrist after a pot of gold sign falls on him and learns he can negotiate a settlement from Cloud 9. Jonah offers to help with the negotiation.

S04E02-Pharmacy robbed.jpg
   "Baby Shower"
Featuring: Four thieves

With everyone at the baby shower, three young men and a woman rob the Pharmacy.

S04E04-Dougie Pharmacy.jpg
   "Costume Competition"
Featuring: Dougie

A customer takes their medication from Dougie in a box at the Pharmacy.

S04E13-Heart at Pharmacy.jpg
Featuring: Heart Costume

Someone dressed in a heart costume waits at the Pharmacy.

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