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You wouldn't believe some of his stories. I'm just going to give you the top ten.
— Richard about Jonah, "New Initiative".

Richard Simms is Jonah's father. He is portrayed by actor Fred Melamed. He is eventually divorced from Marilyn, his wife. When Jonah was in private middle school, he cheated on Marilyn with his secretary Shelley, and they separated. But they later got back together. However, decades later, he continued his affair with Shelley, resulting in Marilyn divorcing him.

Character History

Season Four

It didn't mean anything.

Mateo tricks Amy into serving an older couple who start telling many stories about their son who is in medical school. Amy helps them pick out a mattress by lying on one with them and Richard apologizes for his hand touching her leg. Seeing Amy with the older couple, Jonah panics and tosses his store vest away. Jonah greets them and as Amy is confused how Jonah knows them, the couple identify themselves as Jonah's parents and that he's their son who's going to medical school. As Amy teases Jonah by asking how long he's been in medical school, he hustles his parents away.

Ow! Why?

In private, Jonah explains to Amy that he's been lying to his parents about his job. Amy decides to take the opportunity to learn Jonah's embarrassing childhood events. The Simms tell Amy about Jonah being tricked into swimming nude in a hotel pool as a kid. Richard mentions that Jonah would brush the hair of strange horse figurines for hours and cry whenever they were taken away. Glenn catches Amy and Jonah with the Simms and as he starts treating Jonah like an employee, the Simms become confused. As Jonah tries to explain without revealing he works there, he lets slip that the Simms are his parents. As Glenn introduces himself and is about to say Jonah is an employee, Amy yells at Glenn and hits him in the face with a yam.

As Jonah leaves the store with his parents, they run into Amy. To show her that their relationship isn't temporary, Jonah admits that he's been working at the store for three years. Marilyn starts to cry and when Richard finds out Jonah doesn't manage the store, he falls to his knees. In the parking lot, Amy catches up to the Simms and tries to defend Jonah's lie. Citing that his job doesn't define who Jonah is and that he's a good person, Richard agrees. However he mentions that Jonah has a fiancée who is an actress which concerns Amy. As Amy questions them about the actress, who she can see is famous, the Simms realize that he's been lying about her too. Amy then lies that she's seen the actress with Jonah and quickly leaves. Richard realizes why the actress wouldn't hug him when they saw her in an airport and Marilyn wonders who she's been emailing. ("New Initiative")

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