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Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Tony Plana
First Appearance: "Integrity Award"
Family: Connie (wife), Amy (daughter), Adam Dubanowski (son in-law), Emma Dubanowski (grand daughter)
Episode Count: 1


What the hell are you doing with my daughter!
— Ron Sosa, "Integrity Award".

S02E16-Ron Sosa2
Ron Sosa portrayed by Tony Plana.
Ron Sosa is Amy Dubanowski's father. He is easy going, paints and love to tease Amy's friends. He is portrayed by actor Tony Plana.

Character History

Season Two

Amy brings Jonah to her parent's house to help move boxes to their new home believing that her parents aren't home. They are home and Ron tells Amy they are behind schedule. Ron has packed one box and Amy has to point out to him that he's forgotten a lot such as his heart medicine. Ron shows Jonah his paintings of celebrities and offers one to him and then asks for $30 for it. Ron interrupts Jonah and Amy in her bedroom and accuses Jonah of fooling around with Amy but he's just joking. Amy's cousins have arrived so he says he's going out to get ice. ("Integrity Award")

S02E16-Ron and Jonah art
Ron the artist.


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