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Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Unknown
First Appearance: "Delivery Day"
Family: Glenn and Jerusha Sturgis (father and mother), Arthur and Marion Sturgis (grandparents), Elias (uncle)
Episode Count: 3


Daddy loves you Rose.
— Glenn, "Cloud 9 Academy".

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Rose Sturgis.
Rose Sturgis is the daughter of Glenn and Jerusha Sturgis. Born in late 2018, Dina was her surrogate mother.

Character History

Season Three

Rose is first seen in an ultrasound as Jerusha and Glenn watch the baby Dina is carrying for them at an obstetrician's office. Dina isn't interested so Jerusha tries to get her to look. In the Break Room, Glenn and Jerusha show the ultrasound to the staff and Jerusha says the large head is normal. ("Gender Reveal")

It's real Dina!

Season Four

On delivery day, Glenn is distressed to find he's expected to be in the delivery bay. He knocks over an instrument tray and seeing Dina's intestines, throws up in his surgical mask. While watching Rose being born, Glenn declares his joy as vomit drips down his chin. In Dina's hospital room, Jerusha cradles her new daughter while thanking Dina. Asking for a moment alone with the baby, Dina gives her some advice. Rose is unnamed at this point. ("Delivery Day")

S04E05-Glenn baby
I'm so happy!
As Jerusha is cleaning their pastor's gutters, Glenn brings Rose into work and asks Garrett and Dina to take care of her while he baby-proofs his office. Dina refuses, even though she's Rose's surrogate mother, so Glenn forces Garrett to. Dina creates a play area for Rose which results in a customer leaving his baby there, thinking the store is offering child care. The play area is full of kids and out of control. Rose starts crying and Garrett has to convince Dina to breast feed her. After feeding Rose, Dina sings her to sleep and Garrett teases her that she likes Rose. ("Cloud 9 Academy")

S04E10-Glenn Rose Garrett Dina
Uncle Garrett, looks like you're up.
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