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Well well, look who didn't feel like paying for their copy of "Barney's Big Adventure".
— Glenn

"Shoplifter" is the fifth episode of Season One of Superstore, and the fifth episode of the show overall.


Jonah watches Amy's daughter Emma at work, Dina tracks a shoplifter.


Who feels apathy?

Garrett and Jonah find an old man named Charles asleep on one of the store's couches. They try their best to wake him and find that he is dead. In the Break Room, Dina is examining the old man's ID and Glenn offers everyone the opportunity to express any feelings on the man's passing. Everyone is apathetic which Glenn finds unacceptable. Glenn asks everyone to bow their heads but Dina won't allow any religion in the workplace. Glenn asks Amy to say some "secular words", she proceeds to read details from the man's ID. Cheyenne asks if the couch he died on will be for sale. A man in a camouflage jacket is hidden until he turns around and buys another jacket. (♫ Deep Purple - Hush ♫)

Don't draw attention to the jewellery.

Jonah is loading cans and is told by a girl he's doing it wrong. The girl is Amy's daughter, Emma who's at the store because her babysitter cancelled. Employees are not allowed to have their children at work so Jonah is sworn to secrecy. At the makeup counter, Dina is stalking a suspected shoplifter named Julie. Dina sees her put lipstick in her purse and moves in to apprehend her. At the jewellery counter, Emma is hiding while Amy works. Glenn asks to see Amy in his office but she is reluctant to leave. Jonah takes over the counter while secretly assuring Amy he'll watch Emma. Emma goes to the bathroom. Dina starts grilling Julie in an enclosed room. Dina dumps her purse and points out the lipstick which Julie says she brought into the store. Dina then plays the security footage which has been corrupted, much to her anger.

Miracle of life, I get it.

Mateo and Cheyenne argue over who should get the couch the man died on. Garrett rules that whoever can sit on the couch the longest will get it. In Glenn's Office, Glenn talks about death with Amy and wonders what his legacy will be when he dies. To calm Glenn, Amy suggests they send a card to the deceased man's family. Emma has been in the bathroom a while so Jonah checks on her. She pleads for her mother and finally tells Jonah she's had her first period so Jonah tries to find Amy. Glenn finds out Dina wrongly held Julie and orders her to let her go. Jonah can't find Amy and goes back to the bathroom and assures Emma he'll take care of the situation. Dina makes an apology of sorts to Julie and is about to let her go but Julie is so personally insulting that Dina changes her mind. Cheyenne tells gory birthing stories to try and get Mateo to leave the couch.

I genuinely hate this lady.

Jonah tries to get menstruation info from Dina but she thinks he is flirting. Amy returns to the jewellery counter to find Emma gone but before she can look for her, Dina pleads with her to help interrogate Julie. Dina's tactic is "good cop, bad cop" but when they enter the room with Julie, Amy finds that she is supposed to play bad cop. She tries to play the role but isn't very good at it. Jonah returns to the bathroom with a shopping cart full of tampons and other aids. Amy tries to intimidate Julie but isn't successful. Julie insults Amy and is about to be set free when Amy learns which camera produced the faulty footage. She suggests footage from another camera. Jonah is having difficulties figuring out which tampon to use. The alternate camera footage shows that Julie is innocent. However, both Amy and Dina have taken a dislike to Julie.

I'm never setting foot in this dump again!

Glenn apologizes to Julie but she gives Glenn two options – fire Dina now or she'll call corporate to have her fired. She insults them all and storms out which prompts anger in Glenn. A man shops with a cat on a leash. (♫ Judy Garland - Over the Rainbow ♫) Dina commiserates to Glenn that she is going to lose her job. He tells her things will work out and an alarm is heard. Stopped by security, Glenn finds a DVD in Julie's purse she hasn't paid for. He gives her two choices – don't ask for Dina to be fired or he'll press theft charges. Julie agrees, insults them and leaves. Glenn admits to Dina that he planted the DVD on Julie and emphatically exclaims that he owes her one.

Burn baby burn.

Jonah and Emma are seen playing a video game. Amy joins them and Emma casually mentions Jonah taught her to use a maxipad. Outside the store, Glenn has a ceremony for the deceased man. It is company policy that furniture someone died on has to be destroyed which Cheyenne and Mateo rue. Garrett knew this all along so their marathon sitting session was for his amusement. Glenn struggles to not bring religion into his talk until Dina says it's OK this one time. He then gives a full-on sermon. Dina thanks Amy for her help but says that she knows she brought her daughter to work and is going to have to write her up. The sofa is lit on fire and it burns quickly even though it is supposed to be flame retardant.


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Running Gags

  • Amy's name tag: Amy wears a different name tag in every episode. For this one it's "Allison".
  • Crazy Customers and music: For all customer interludes and music see Shoplifter (music).
  • Glenn's tie: Large cartoon clouds.




Some people like to hunt elk or deer. I hunt people. And your head is going on my wall.Dina
That's an order! I just sounded like my wife right there.Glenn


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