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"Shoplifter Rehab"
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Season: Five — Episode: 7
Director: Chioke Nassor — Writer: Justin Shanes — Aired: November 7, 2019 — Viewers (millions): 2.61
Summary: Amy, Jonah and Glenn hatch a plan to make Amy look like a tough boss after she loses face in front of the district manager. Dina recruits Mateo to help her run Cloud 9's shoplifter rehabilitation program -- with a few of Dina's personal tweaks.

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As District Manager Maya continues to observe the store, Jonah and Glenn come up with a plan to make Amy look like a tough store manager and to gain control and respect of the employees. Maya invites Amy to lunch, where she proceeds to tell Amy that she has a great chance to move up with Cloud 9, but not if she's sympathetic to the union movement. Meanwhile, Dina asks Mateo to help her out with a anti-shoplifter seminar. Also, Sandra gets some unexpected bonding time with Carol.


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