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Generic nametag Steve Cloud 9 Superstore logo Labor Relations Consultant

Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Dan Bucatinsky
First Appearance: "Labor"
Episode Count: 1


We love this kind of passion and integrity that adds to all the colors of the cloud!
— Steve, "Labor".

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Steve portrayed by Dan Bucatinsky.
Steve is a labor relations consultant (union buster) for Cloud 9. He is slick, insincere and deflects all questions with meaningless platitudes. He is portrayed by actor Dan Bucatinsky.

Character History

Season One

Steve appears at Cloud 9 Store 1217 after Jonah and Amy make the mistake of calling corporate head office to ask about paid maternity leave for Cheyenne and Jonah mentions the word "union". The staff all gather for a session with Steve who assures them that Cloud 9 is not anti-union because it has an open door policy and concerns can be brought to corporate anytime. Jonah tries to ask about paid maternity leave but Steve deflects his question and says they are going to have some fun first. With Glenn, he tries to do a role-playing exercise where Glenn is a union organizer trying to get Steve to sign a union card. Glenn is nervous and can't think of another name for himself except "Steve" so the play acting doesn't work out.

The two Steves.
Steve next recruits Dina to act as the union organizer. Dina is so threatening that Steve is actually scared and calls a break. At the end of his presentation, Steve has a whiteboard full of "facts" that are clearly anti-union. Jonah again tries to ask about paid maternity leave to which Steve replies with glib answers and then deflects everyone's attention by pointing out there are more donut holes left and the session ends. Steve stays in the store to monitor activities and after Cheyenne gives birth, Glenn gives her a paid "suspension". Glenn is fired and the employees walk out in support of him and for more rights. Steve is last seen trying to stop everyone from walking out. ("Labor")

S01E11-Steve tries to stop walkout
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