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Stock Room Cloud 9 Superstore logo.jpg Storage
Location: Cloud 9 Store 1217First Appearance: "Magazine Profile"

Yeah, I had some stuff to finish back here.
Jonah to Cynthia in the stock room, "Magazine Profile".

Stock Room-S01E02.jpg
Jonah and Cynthia make out in the Stock Room.
The Stock Room is an employee only area used to store items that are often required to be re-stocked. It also contains cleaning items, ladders, mannequins and a compacter for cardboard and other items. It can be differentiated from the Warehouse by the different entrance from the store and absence of loading bay doors. Its first appearance is in the Season One episode "Magazine Profile".


Stock Room-S01E02.jpg
   "Magazine Profile"
Featuring: Jonah and Cynthia

Cynthia comes on to Jonah and they make out in the Stock Room. Dina catches this in the Surveillance Office and calls a meeting to show all staff the tape in the Break Room.

S01E04-Jonah in Stock Room.jpg
Featuring: Jonah, Glenn and staff

After Amy dresses a mannequin that looks like Jonah in increasingly insulting costumes, he finally snaps and puts the mannequin in the Stock Room's compacter. An alarm sounds and Glenn and other staff come in to investigate.

S01E11-Stock Room Amy and Jonah.jpg
Featuring: Jonah and Amy

Jonah and Amy argue about forming a union while Cheyenne gives birth just outside the door.

S00E1-Travis in lineup.jpg
Featuring: Amy, Jonah, Cheyenne, Dina, Sandra, Justine, Travis, Adam, Toni

Amy and Jonah comfort Cheyenne who is discouraged where she's at in life. Later, Dina holds talent auditions for her Olympics closing ceremony.

Stock Room-S02E04.jpg
   "Spokesman Scandal"
Featuring: Amy, Jonah, Glenn and Cody

Amy and Jonah start their dares. Glenn is worried that some employees may be on drugs. He goes to the Stock Room to literally sniff things out.

   "Lost and Found"
Featuring: Dina and Garrett

In the Stock Room, Dina tells Garrett not to be weird since they had sex in the Photo Lab.

S02E12-Carol calls Adam.jpg
   "Ladies' Lunch"
Featuring: Carol

As soon as she finds out Amy is in marriage counselling, Carol calls her husband Adam to see how he's doing even though she has no relationship with him.

S02E16-Stock room Mateo Dina.jpg
   "Integrity Award"
Featuring: Mateo and Dina

At Dina's bidding, Mateo is on the phone with Jeff Sutin asking him to send an exterminator.

S02E21-Glenn and gang in stock room.jpg
Featuring: Glenn, Cheyenne, Marcus, Justine, Eugene, Sarah, Chris, Henry

Glenn, seven employees (including four he just laid off) and some customers wait out the tornado in the Stock Room.

S03E07-Jonah elf.jpg
   "Christmas Eve"
Featuring: Jonah and Kelly

Kelly comforts Jonah who is frustrated with the tense room mate situation with Garrett. They realize they have a lot in common and bond. Later over drinks, Jonah thinks his gift to Garrett should be a night off from each other. Kelly proposes they go to a dive bar she knows and flirts that if they hit it off, he might end up at her place.

S03E10-Stock Room.jpg
   "High Volume Store"
Featuring: Jonah and Jeff

Jonah distracts Jeff with boring stories so that he can't see the staff are trying to prevent sales. Later, when Jonah mentions that he thinks Jeff is going through something, Jeff takes Jonah up on his offer to talk about his problems.

S03E13-Glenn Sandra Stock Room.jpg
   "Video Game Release"
Featuring: Glenn and Sandra

Glenn and Sandra commiserate always being pushed around and vow to not be door mats anymore.

S03E14-Garrett Marcus Stock Room.jpg
   "Safety Training"
Featuring: Garrett and Marcus

Garrett shows Marcus the stupidity of trying to get hurt on the job for compensation by daring him to get into the box crusher.

S03E15-Amy Jonah Stock Room.jpg
Featuring: Amy, Jonah and Sandra

Jonah finds Amy eating her lunch in the Stock Room in order to avoid teasing from the staff for her kiss with Jonah. Sandra interrupts them and teases them with a sexual hand gesture which she gets wrong.

S03E21-Carol in Stock Room.jpg
Featuring: Carol

Once again, hearing that a relationship is in jeopardy, Carol swoops in and calls Alex offering to take him out for drinks or give him a massage.

S04E01-Noam and Amy.jpg
   "Back To School"
Featuring: Amy and Noam

After Amy declares she likes sex, Noam approaches Amy and asks if she'd like to "do it". She declines and he runs away crying.

S04E02-Amy Jonah Stock Room.jpg
   "Baby Shower"
Featuring: Amy, Jonah, Cheyenne and Sandra

Jonah catches Amy trying to recycle a used baby seat and she is dissuaded when the seat is put under a black light, revealing various stains. Later, Cheyenne and Sandra discover Amy is on the baby shower registry.

S04E06-Sandra grinding.jpg
   "Maternity Leave"
Featuring: Dina and Sandra

In order to make a frame so that Sandra can carry her around on a tablet, Dina has Sandra grind pipes with a sander in the Stock Room.

S04E22-Marcus Stock Room.jpg
   "Employee Appreciation Day"
Featuring: Cheyenne, Dina, Glenn, Marcus, Mateo

Marcus suggests Mateo hide from the ICE agents in the trash compactor and then accidentally activates it.

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