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SuperCloud Cloud 9 Superstore logo.jpg Cloud 9 Brand
Location: Cloud 9 Stores — First Appearance: "Rebranding"

Maybe I'm not selling the excitement of what's happening today.
Jeff, "Rebranding".

S02E11-Supercloud button.jpg
SuperCloud promotional button.
SuperCloud is the Cloud 9 merchandise brand that replaced the "Halo" brand products. In order to promote SuperCloud, the price of all Halo merchandise reduced by 80%. A new company spokesperson, Kelsey was introduced at the same time.

SuperCloud Items

There are various items under the brand name including Nuage Neuf wines, Household products, Pharmacy, Home, Furniture, Grocery and Fitness items.

Nuage Neuf.jpg
Nuage Neuf Wine.

IMG 1012.JPG
Toilet paper.

S02E12-SC Coffee Maker.jpg
Coffee Maker.

S03E01-Sandra crock pot.jpg
Crock Pot.

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