Surveillance office-S02E19

Surveillance Office Cloud 9 Superstore logo aka Dina's CTU
Location: Cloud 9 Store 1217First Appearance: "Pilot"

This is like CTU headquarters or something. You're like Jack Bauer, you know what I'm saying?
Bo, "Spring Cleaning".

Surveillance office2-S01E05
Jonah being spied on.
The Surveillance Office is where the feeds from all the store's security cameras are displayed. Primarily used by Dina to hunt shoplifters, it has been used to watch employees and find missing people. Its first appearance is in the Season One episode "Pilot".


Surveillance office-S01E01
Featuring: Dina

Dina leopard crawls to the office to call in what she thinks is a robbery but it is Bo making his marriage proposal to Cheyenne.

Surveillance office-S01E02
   "Magazine Profile"
Featuring: Dina

Dina spots Jonah and Cloud 9 "Stratus" magazine reporter Cynthia making out in the Stock Room.

Surveillance office-S01E05
Featuring: Dina and Amy

Dina and Amy search for footage to bust an arrogant shoplifter.

Surveillance office-S01E06
   "Secret Shopper"
Featuring: Mateo and Glenn

Mateo and Glenn use the office to spy on Jonah who they think might be the secret shopper.

Surveillance office-S02E13
   "Valentine's Day"
Featuring: Dina, Jonah, Amy and Glenn

Dina and Jonah meet in the office to discuss Jonah going undercover to watch a suspected shoplifter. Amy and Glenn spy on Myrtle and Arthur who they've played matchmaker for.

S02E18-Dina Cheyenne Garrett in surv office
   "Glenn's Kids"
Featuring: Dina, Cheyenne and Garrett

After Cheyenne loses one of Glenn's foster children Bobbie Sue, she and Garrett try to find her on the office's monitors. They tell Dina who joins in the search.

Surveillance office-S02E19
   "Spring Cleaning"
Featuring: Dina and Bo

As a new employee, Bo takes an interest in Dina's work but only so he can find the store's weaknesses and rob it.

S03E06-Glenn Dina surveillance office
   "Health Fund"
Featuring: Dina and Glenn

Glenn draws a picture of the mole on his penis for Dina but she says she needs to see the actual mole.

S03E12-Garrett Surv Office
   "Groundhog Day"
Featuring: Garrett and Sandra

Shirking his acting assistant manager duties, Garrett plays video games in the office and lets Sandra also blow off her duties.

S03E14-Amy Dina Surv Office
   "Safety Training"
Featuring: Amy and Dina

Dina asks Amy why she took the blame for Kelly's mistake. Amy lies that she wants to show everyone she likes Kelly and Dina realizes it is due to Amy's crush on Jonah. Later, Amy asks Dina to show the tape of Kelly incorrectly hanging the sign to the staff.

S04E16-Dina nametag Bea
Featuring: Dina, Amy and Jonah

Dina spots someone dressed as an Easter bunny while spying on the staff. Amy and later, Jonah, discover there's a camera in the Break Room with a microphone and both hear staff saying things about them that they don't like.

S04E20-Surv office
Featuring: Dina and Luanne

Looking for staff using social media when tweets that reflected badly on the store were made, Dina sees it was Garrett who released her birds on Valentine's day.

S04E22-Dina Surv office
   "Employee Appreciation Day"
Featuring: Dina

Dina tries to use the store's cameras to help Mateo escape ICE agents, but he's caught.

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