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Fine, I guess I'll go buy myself a danish.
— Syd, "Election Day".

Syd is a visitor to Cloud 9 Store 1217. He is an elections official. He is portrayed by actor Edward James Gage.

Character History

Season Two

That's way down from last year!

The store is a polling station on election day 2016. Syd is one of the election officials. Dina is talking with him as Glenn brings over an urn of coffee. Syd goes to get a danish and as Dina and Glenn argue, the urn is spilled into a ballot box. Concerned that they may be criminally charged, the two discretely ask Syd what the punishment is for voting fraud. After the voting is completed, Syd and fellow voting official Dorothy are tabulating the ballots and she notes they are missing 53. Syd says that's better than the last time and they both laugh. ("Election Day")

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