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The Charhouse

The Charhouse Cloud 9 Superstore logo.jpg Steak house
Location: St. Louis, Missouri — First Appearance: "Ladies' Lunch"

I'll have four beers.
Cheyenne, "Ladies' Lunch".

S02E12-The Charhouse-neon sign.jpg
The Charhouse's neon sign.
The Charhouse is a very traditional steak house complete with a bar and a stage for live bands and karaoke. It offers a 60oz steak challenge, if you can eat it all it's free. Patrons who win the challenge have their picture put up on the wall. Its first appearance is in the Season Two episode "Ladies' Lunch".


Season Two

After learning that Amy and Adam Dubanowski are in marriage counselling, Dina takes it upon herself to kidnap Amy for a "Ladies' Lunch". Cheyenne, Sandra, Carol, Justine and Myrtle all come. At first, Amy doesn't want to be there but as the ladies have some drinks and Dina feels she's failed to provide a good experience, Amy comes around. Myrtle tries the 60oz steak challenge, secrets are shared, Sandra meets Jerry at the bar only to have Carol interfere and the ladies sing karaoke. ("Ladies' Lunch")

S02E12-The Charhouse2.jpg
Dining room with challenge board.

S02E12-The Charhouse karaoke.jpg
I say la, la; la, la, la...

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