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That's not what Papa Glenn said.
— Timur, "Glenn's Kids".

Timur is a visitor to Cloud 9 Store 1217. He is one of Glenn and Jerusha's foster children. He is portrayed by actor Curtis Schurer.

Character History

Season Two

Guess lies are part of the therapy...

When manager Glenn brings his kids to work, the staff learn that Timur is under going "attachment therapy" for displacement and rage issues. This means that he holds onto Glenn at all times. Timur is seen holding Glenn's belt as Glenn gets the backdrop for the family photo, as Glenn sets up the photo setting and at the Sturgis family photo which is a homage to the movie Willow. Timur is dressed as an elf. Timur hears Glenn lie and approve of Jonah dating Kristen. He comments on this but is quickly cut off by Glenn. ("Glenn's Kids")


  • After Jonah is left homeless due to the tornado, Glenn says he can stay at his house and that he can stay with Timur but warns Jonah he has night terrors. ("Grand Re-Opening")
  • Glenn mentions that if Cloud 9's CEO needs to stay at his house, he can have Glenn and Jerusha's bed and they can sleep in Timur's trundle bed. ("Aftermath")
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