S05-e6 trick-or-treat

"Trick Or Treat"
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Season: 5 — Episode: 6
Director: Heather Jack — Writer: Laura McCreary — Aired: October 31, 2019 — Viewers (millions): 3.09
Summary: Amy amps up the store's Halloween spirit to impress the new district manager, even setting up a haunted house that terrifies Glenn. Jonah collects the last of the union cards. Cheyenne and Mateo wonder if any Cloud 9 employees are capable of murder.

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It’s Halloween time at Cloud 9, and as Amy and Jonah are close to a unionization vote, the new District manager, Maya, comes to the store. Amy does everything in her power to distract Maya, but things get complicated when Kelly arrives from the Fenton store to drop off their signed union cards and Maya recognizes her. Garrett and Glenn manage the store's haunted house, and Garrett has some fun when Glenn loses his phone and is afraid to go back in. Meanwhile, Marcus wears a complicated dragon outfit, only to be told that the store no longer runs a costume contest. Also, Cheyenne and Mateo judge all the employees to see which one could be a serial killer that's in the news.


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