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We're all becoming narcissistic attention whores!
— Amy

"Viral Video" is the eighth episode of Season Three of Superstore, and the forty-first episode of the show overall.


After an employee posts a controversial video online, Dina enlists Cheyenne to help police the rest of the staff's social media accounts. Amy learns something about Jonah that drives her to desperately pursue Instagram views, and Glenn suspects Mateo of rewards card fraud.


Is the joke that it's boring?

Jeff calls the staff into the Break Room to announce that café worker Roger has been fired for posting a video on social media of him farting into cups in the store. He advises the staff to be careful of what they post which prompts Kelly to question what is allowed as she posts videos on Instagram. Dina takes it upon herself to police what the staff put on social media however Jeff encourages self control. A picture of Roger as employee of the month is taken down by Heather. (♫ The Chi-Lites - Oh Girl ♫) Jonah and Marcus are watching one of Kelly's Instagram videos on Janet's phone. Amy joins in and doesn't understand why they find it funny. Glenn shows Garrett that a mass email he sent to the store's rewards (Blue Card) customers resulted in many being undeliverable which makes him suspect that Mateo is committing fraud in order to get the $1 sign-up bonus.

All your cereals have marshmallows.

In Glenn's Office, Glenn asks Mateo if he made up rewards customers names which Mateo denies. Dina coerces Cheyenne into helping her track the staff's social media accounts. Amy shows Justine one of Kelly's videos which Justine laughs at and then fakes that it's lame to match Amy's reaction. They then see Kelly is having breakfast at her place with Jonah which reveals to them that Jonah and Kelly are in a relationship. Amy lets Jonah know about her discovery and that she now gets why he likes her videos. Jonah genuinely likes the videos and bets Amy that she can't make one of her own that gets 100 likes by day end. The loser has to clean out the rat traps. A customer looks in bewilderment at a sign at Coffee & Bakery that indicates that the staff don't fart into cups. (♫ Britney Spears - Toxic ♫)

You da man Elias!

Jonah watches Amy's first attempt at creating a video which he sarcastically calls "riveting". Mateo reveals to Garrett that he has been creating fake Blue Card accounts. He creates a fake website for one of the fake customers to trick Glenn but Glenn recognizes the customer picture as a movie actor. Amy tries to get Garrett and customers to look at her posted video. Cheyenne and Dina discover a picture of Elias on his Facebook account in which he is in a hottub with two women who are kissing. Mateo has Jonah call the store pretending to be one of the fake Blue Card customers. Glenn takes the call thinking it is Mateo and insults him until Mateo appears beside Glenn. Amy and Cheyenne discover other staff on-line secrets and Cheyenne finds she's having a good time with Dina.

The year of Craymie continues.

Garrett and Jonah watch five of Amy's videos which are over-the-top. Amy shows one of the videos to Cheyenne and Dina who try to appear supportive. They conclude she's doing the videos because Jonah is dating Kelly. Glenn apologizes to Mateo for accusing him of signing up fake customers and offers to take him to lunch. Marcus plays his podcast for Heather and Gary. Cheyenne and Dina watch Elias drop produce and can't believe women want him. Jonah and Garrett watch Amy's latest video in which she's in the store's kitchen and derides social media as she's gotten tired of how pointless and self-centered it is. However, Amy doesn't realize that there are rats in the baked products behind her.

I would love to visit Martin.

As they are about to go to lunch in Glenn's car, Glenn mentions that the customer who called lives along the way to the restaurant so he'd like to drop by. Mateo calls Glenn's bluff. Amy flaunts her video to Jonah and that it got 15,000 views but she doesn't realize there are rats in the produce behind her in the video. As a result, Jeff calls another meeting with the staff in the Break Room and asks them not to post any videos of themselves in the store. Jeff asks why Amy is creating the videos and Justine mentions it might have to do with Jonah dating Kelly. Kelly wanted their relationship kept a secret so Amy chides her that she shouldn't have posted a video of her and Jonah then. A picture of Amy as employee of the month is taken down by Heather. (♫ The Romantics - Talking in Your Sleep ♫)

So many talents!

Glenn and Mateo arrive at the address of the fake customer's business which is a private residence. Even after a woman answers who knows nothing of the business, Mateo refuses to admit to his lie. Cheyenne and Dina acknowledge what a great time they had together so Cheyenne confides that she dared Roger to fart in the cups and filmed it. Dina laughs and then goes to get disciplinary paperwork. Arriving back at the store, Mateo finally admits to Glenn he made up the customer and says he's sorry. When Glenn doesn't believe Mateo is repentant, Mateo asks what he has to do to prove it. Glenn says he needs to make a phone call. Jonah prepares to clean out the rat traps, having lost the bet to Amy. Amy offers to help but Kelly has already volunteered and she and Jonah begin joking around so Amy leaves in a foul mood. Glenn is seen immersing Mateo in a baptismal pool in Life's Works Church in order to forgive his sins.


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In a perfect world people wouldn't fart in cups but we live in the real world.Jeff



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S03E03-Jonah Glenn Emma.jpg    "Part-Time Hires" October 12, 2017
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S03E04-Dina Jonah wrestle3.jpg    "Workplace Bullying" October 19, 2017
Directed by: Tristram Shapeero - Written by: Bridget Kyle and Vicky Luu

After an attempted robbery, tensions arise between Dina and Jonah. Glenn has a tough time firing a store security guard and Amy discovers her coworkers have been hanging out without her. (Viewers: 4.20 million)

S03E05-Staff in costumes.jpg    "Sal's Dead" October 26, 2017
Directed by: Geeta V. Patel - Written by: Gabe Miller

A dead body is discovered in the store on Halloween, throwing Glenn and Dina into a panic and confusing the shoppers. Amy and Garrett get into big trouble using a dating app on Jonah's phone, Mateo is transformed in more ways than one by Cheyenne. (Viewers: 4.61 million)

S03E06-Amy Jonah Tate Isaac.jpg    "Health Fund" November 2, 2017
Directed by: Victor Nelli, Jr - Written by: Jackie Clarke

As Mateo turns to stranger and stranger home remedies for an ear infection, Amy and Jonah decide to offer an alternative to Cloud 9's terrible health insurance plan. Glenn enlists Dina to help him get medical attention for his own embarrassing condition. (Viewers: 3.54 million)

S03E07-Store Christmas lights.jpg    "Christmas Eve" December 5, 2017
Directed by: Todd Biermann - Written by: Eric Ledgin

Trying to prove how wild she can be, Amy turns a boring Christmas Eve at the store into a holiday adventure. Jonah and Garrett's roommate issues boil over and Glenn tries to prove to Mateo that Christmas is more than just fine. (Viewers: 4.41 million)

S03E08-Amy raps in kitchen.jpg    "Viral Video" January 4, 2018
Directed by: Ken Whittingham - Written by: Jonathan Green

After an employee posts a controversial video online, Dina enlists Cheyenne to help police the rest of the staff's social media accounts. Amy learns something about Jonah that drives her to desperately pursue Instagram views, and Glenn suspects Mateo of rewards card fraud. (Viewers: 3.90 million)

S03E09-Amy's house dining room.jpg    "Golden Globes Party" January 11, 2018
Directed by: Victor Nelli, Jr - Written by: Vanessa Ramos

When Amy throws a party to prove how great she's doing post-divorce, she's forced to enlist Dina and Jonah's help, and Dina ends up making the ultimate sacrifice. Glenn and his wife Jerusha are forced to conduct some personal business at Amy's home. (Viewers: 3.85 million)

S03E10-Dina-Jonah-Amy pizza chart.jpg    "High Volume Store" January 18, 2018
Directed by: Jay Hunter - Written by: Owen Ellickson

When Jeff announces that the store could be getting an upgrade, Amy, Jonah and Dina set out to discover the pros and cons. Cheyenne accidentally volunteers to be a surrogate mother for Glenn's baby and tries to get out of it. (Viewers: 3.71 million)

S03E11-Cheyenne and Brandi.jpg    "Angels and Mermaids" January 25, 2018
Directed by: Michael Spiller - Written by: Justin Shanes

Amy finds herself caught in the middle of a conflict between Cheyenne and her ex-convict mom, Brandi. A personal agreement between Glenn and Dina gets heated when Glenn brings in a lawyer. When Jonah finds out that Kelly believes in angels, Garrett's perfect weekend plans of having the apartment to himself are threatened. (Viewers: 4.22 million)

S03E12-Amy Tate kissing.jpg    "Groundhog Day" February 1, 2018
Directed by: Jaffar Mahmood - Written by: Sierra Teller Ornelas

Still fresh from her divorce, Amy doesn't feel ready to start dating again. But when Mateo tries to set her up with his loser cousin, she gets determined to show everyone she can do better and breaks some hearts in the process. Dina takes advantage of her pregnancy to scam Glenn into accommodating her every whim. (Viewers: 3.46 million)

S03E13-Glenn Sandra w gamers.jpg    "Video Game Release" March 1, 2018
Directed by: America Ferrera - Written by: Jackie Clarke

When gamers invade the store for the release of a hot new video game, Jonah tries to help Amy secure herself a copy of the game, which takes them on an unexpected adventure. Mateo helps Garrett make a good impression on one of his heroes. Glenn and Sandra try to stand up for themselves with customers and end up instigating a breastfeeding "nurse-in." (Viewers: 3.38 million)

S03E14-Staff mopping.jpg    "Safety Training" March 8, 2018
Directed by: Rebecca Asher - Written by: Bridget Kyle and Vicky Luu

When Mateo gets injured, Jonah tries to help him avoid Cloud 9 compensation for fear of his immigration status being revealed. Meanwhile, Amy attempts to convince everyone that she likes Kelly. (Viewers: 3.37 million)

S03E15-a-ha kiss.jpg    "Amnesty" March 15, 2018
Directed by: Keith Powell - Written by: Eric Ledgin

Glenn and Dina offer amnesty to all the employees for any bad things they confess so Garrett and Cheyenne try to decide how to take advantage of it. Meanwhile, Jonah and Amy try to defuse an awkward situation that has the whole store gossiping. (Viewers: 3.93 million)

S03E16-Garrett Glenn Cheyenne target.jpg    "Target" March 22, 2018
Directed by: Daniella Eisman - Written by: Jonathan Green and Gabe Miller

When Jeff leaves Cloud 9 to work at Target, Garrett leads Glenn to believe that he's poaching other employees to go with him. In return Glenn tries to poach employees from Target. Amy goes on a double date with Dina and, Kelly and Jonah discuss moving in together. (Viewers: 3.85 million)

S03E17-Myrtle driving truck.jpg    "District Manager" March 29, 2018
Directed by: Alex Reid - Written by: John Kazlauskas

Laurie, the new district manager, visits the store and decides to make some cuts to save money by firing Myrtle. Amy and Jonah plead with her to not fire anyone and search for other ways to make up the money. Mateo struggles to prove his skills on the cash register. (Viewers: 2.94 million)

S03E18-Jerusha Dina stork.jpg    "Local Vendors Day" April 5, 2018
Directed by: Geeta V. Patel - Written by: Josh Malmuth

When local small businesses set up shop inside Cloud 9, Glenn tries to help his wife Jerusha sell her handmade needlepoint, despite Jonah's concerns that he's pressuring his employees. Meanwhile, Amy doesn't feel Latina enough when a guy flirts with her in Spanish, and Garrett tries to uncover the truth behind a beer vendor's product. (Viewers: 3.17 million)

S03E19-Amy Jonah golf cart.jpg    "Lottery" April 12, 2018
Directed by: Ben Feldman - Written by: Vanessa Ramos

As lottery mania sweeps the store, Dina incentivizes the employees to sell as many tickets as possible. Jonah helps Amy track down the new district manager to lobby for a raise. (Viewers: 3.08 million)

S03E20-Glenn Jerusha Dina at doctor.jpg    "Gender Reveal" April 19, 2018
Directed by: Tristram Shapeero - Written by: Lauren Ash

The store hosts a gender reveal party for Glenn and his wife Jerusha, just as Dina is freaking out at the realities of having to deliver a baby. Amy receives some unsettling news. (Viewers: 2.76 million)

S03E21-Staff photo.jpg    "Aftermath" April 26, 2018
Directed by: Ryan Case - Written by: Justin Shanes and Owen Ellickson

Amy and Jonah deal with the consequences of their kiss. Glenn and Dina enlist Garrett's help to win the store a visit from Cloud 9's CEO. (Viewers: 2.85 million)

S03E22-CEO speaks.jpg    "Town Hall" May 3, 2018
Directed by: Matt Sohn - Written by: Justin Spitzer

As the store prepares to host a company-wide Town Hall meeting, Amy and Jonah are forced to put their conflicts aside and rally their co-workers to confront the CEO. Glenn struggles with the pressure of speaking to a global audience. (Viewers: 2.97 million)