S02E14-Warehouse Jonah and Amy

Warehouse Cloud 9 Superstore logo Storage Room
Location: Cloud 9 Store 1217First Appearance: "Secret Shopper"

'Cause you heard I'm in charge of the Warehouse now, right?
Marcus, "Super Hot Store".

Loading Dock.
The Warehouse is the main storage area in the store. It can be differentiated from the Stock Room by the loading bay doors and different entrance from the store. The loading dock is visible from Glenn's Office. Its first appearance is in the Season One episode "Secret Shopper".


S01E06-Amy and Jonah mess in stock room
   "Secret Shopper"
Featuring: Jonah and Amy

Amy tries to use the forklift to get more "Nosy the Anteater" plush toys from a top shelf and ends up toppling the shelving unit. Jonah accidentally sends the forklift into the store where it chases Mateo.

S02E06-Dina and Janet Stock Room
   "Halloween Theft"
Featuring: Many staff

Dina finds the cage unlocked and believes that a staff member has stolen the irregular produce items. Later, the staff meet in the Warehouse without Dina to get the produce thief to confess.

S02E07-Warehouse Marcus
   "Election Day"
Featuring: Jonah, Amy, Marcus, Glenn, Dina, Dom

Jonah and Amy push an election candidate to Dom and the Warehouse workers. Later, Glenn and then Dina seek advice on how to avoid prison from Marcus in the Warehouse.

   "Seasonal Help"
Featuring: The staff

Jonah has a betting pool on which seasonal temp worker will quit next and collects bets on an odds board in the Warehouse.

S02E10-Lost and Found bin
   "Lost and Found"
Featuring: The staff and Glenn

The staff hold the annual draw from the lost and found bin and later Glenn talks to Amy about her marriage while wearing a one man band outfit.

S02E11-Cheyenne Warehouse-Halo
Featuring: Cheyenne

To her delight, Cheyenne finds pallets full of discounted Halo products in the Stock Room having thought it was sold out.

S02E14-Tim loading boxes
   "Super Hot Store"
Featuring: Amy, Jonah, Marcus, Mateo, Sandra, Tim, Dougie, Judy, Ramona, Roxy, Roger

After Amy fires Marcus, the Warehouse staff walk out leaving the associates to unload a truck.

S02E17-Brett switchblade
   "Mateo's Last Day"
Featuring: Mateo, Dom, Skip, Brett

To get immigration status, Mateo tries to get beat up by Dom, Skip and then Brett (who pulls a switchblade on him) in the Warehouse.

S02E18-Glenn gets backdrop
   "Glenn's Kids"
Featuring: Glenn, Cheyenne, Timur, Bobbie Sue

Glenn is looking for a backdrop for the family picture and Cheyenne offers to take care of Bobbie Sue.

S03E01-Amy Warehouse
   "Grand Re-Opening"
Featuring: Amy and Jonah

Amy and Jonah bring the Minion costumes in through the Warehouse while Jonah pesters Amy to talk about their relationship since they kissed during the tornado.

   "Brett Is Dead"
Featuring: Jonah and Garrett

Garrett messes with Jonah by pretending to be sad that he saw a motorcycle that was responsible for his disability (which isn't true). Garrett then explains that he doesn't want to reveal what caused his disability.

S03E03-Kelly Carol Warehouse
   "Part-Time Hires"
Featuring: Kelly and Carol

Carol helps new employee Kelly with a scanner and then Carol creeps her out by telling Kelly her plan to steal Jerry away from Sandra.

   "High Volume Store"
Featuring: The staff

Amy, Dina and Jonah call a meeting with the staff to tell them that they shouldn't become a "quad-A" store.

S03E14-Staff lifting boxes
   "Safety Training"
Featuring: Amy, Cody, Dale, Dougie, Elias, Elizabeth, Glenn, Kelly, Myrtle, Sandra

Glenn has various staff practice lifting boxes. Later, Kelly appears and ponders admitting to her mistake but she's not sincere which bothers Amy.

S03E15-Jonah Kelly Warehouse
Featuring: Jonah and Kelly

Jonah tries to explain his recent accidental kiss of Amy to Kelly.

S03E17-Amy Jonah Warehouse
   "District Manager"
Featuring: Amy and Jonah

Amy and Jonah brainstorm cost saving measures in order to prevent Myrtle from being fired by the new district manager Laurie.

S03E20-Garrett Marcus others Warehouse
   "Gender Reveal"
Featuring: Don, Garrett, Joanna, Marcus, Nathan, Amy and Jonah

Several staff help Garrett look through the garbage for the envelope that contains the doctor's report on the gender of the baby Dina is carrying for Glenn and Jerusha. Later, Amy kisses Jonah.

S03E21-Amy Jonah Warehouse
Featuring: Amy and Jonah

Jonah asks Amy why she kissed him and told him she was pregnant. Amy says she just felt like it which confuses and angers Jonah who leaves.

S03E22-Amy nametag Olivia
   "Town Hall"
Featuring: Amy, Dina, Don, Garrett, Glenn, Heather, Jonah, Marcus, Sandra, Sarah, Taylor

Amy and Jonah tell the staff about Cloud 9's policy to fire older employees without cause and try to make plans to use the town hall to reveal this. Later, Dina distracts a security guard while Sandra struggles to smuggle a box containing Jeff past him.

S04E02-Dina as angel
   "Baby Shower"
Featuring: Dina, Mateo, Garrett and Sandra

Mateo creates various scenes for Dina's Christmas photo shoot. Garrett enters while Dina is scantily dressed and is attracted to her. Mateo having left for the baby shower, he leaves Dina hanging from the ceiling, dressed as an angel. Dina calls to Sandra for help but she smiles and walks away.

   "Toxic Work Environment"
Featuring: Amy, Jonah, Heather, Janet, Gabbie and Ted

Out of view of a group of staff who can hear them, Amy and Jonah pretend to fight to hide that they're dating.

   "Shadowing Glenn"
Featuring: Amy, Cheyenne, Garrett, Justine, Marcus, Mateo

Amy gets help to try and figure out how to hide from Glenn that she ordered too many ice pops in winter.

S04E12-Brett finished puzzles
Featuring: Brett

Stuck in the store during a blizzard, Brett completes many puzzles on the warehouse floor.

   "Minor Crimes"
Featuring: Glenn, Jonah and Mateo

In order to use up a maintenance fund Glenn accidentally embezzled, he, Jonah and Mateo cause damage in the warehouse.

S04E16-Sandra and bunny
Featuring: Sandra and Jerry

After Amy announces that no Cloud 9 stores will have anyone dressed in a bunny costume, Dina sees one in the store. Revealed in the warehouse to be Jerry, he dressed up so he can spend the day with Sandra without Carol knowing about it. Sandra leads him to the Photo Lab to have sex.

Featuring: Dozens of staff

The staff divide into "Team Yogurt", led by Jonah and "Team Soup" led by Garrett. Putting UPC stickers from the products on their vests, they then have a competition to see who can scan the others' stickers first.

S04E21-Amy nametag Dwendyna
   "Sandra's Fight"
Featuring: Amy, Dina, Jonah

Amy and Dina convince Jonah to help stop Sandra from forming a union to save the store from being closed.

S04E22-Amy nametag Aylin warehouse Mateo
   "Employee Appreciation Day"
Featuring: Amy, Cheyenne, Dina, Garrett, Glenn, Jonah, Justine, Marcus, Mateo, Sandra, Sayid

The staff try and come up with a plan to help Mateo evade the ICE agents in the store.

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