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Superstore Zephra

"Zephra Cares"
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Season: 5 — Episode: 17
Director: Victor Nelli Jr. — Writer: Rene Gube — Aired: February 27, 2020 — Viewers (millions): 2.57
Summary: Amy organizes a community service event, but it's jeopardized by Jeff's return and Glenn's desire to help his co-workers. Meanwhile, Sandra confronts Jonah about his strategy for soliciting donations, and Garrett tries to prove his intelligence to Dina.


Amy’s idea about organizing a charity event involving Zephra is jeopardized when Jeff makes a surprising return. Meanwhile, Glenn lends a helping hand to his fellow employees by stealing some of the charity gift bags. Sandra begins to get uncomfortable around Jonah when he asks her to solicit customers to round up the grocery bill for the same charity. Also, Garrett tries to prove to Dina that he is smarter than her.


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