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Zoe is a visitor to Cloud 9 Store 1217. She is one of Glenn and Jerusha's foster children. She is portrayed by actress Chloe Coleman.

Character History

Season Two

Zoe the maiden.

When manager Glenn brings his kids to work, Zoe is seen in the Break Room. She, Leo and T'Oliver watch Jonah do a magic trick, Marcus do a bad Batman impression and then after saying that Mateo is working too slow, they start to do Mateo's job for him while he tells them about breaking up with Jeff Sutin. This includes finishing a display and cleaning under shelves where Zoe asks Mateo if he isn't friends with Jeff anymore. Later, Mateo is having pizza with the three kids and he says they don't understand what it is like to lose someone. Zoe says there are four Jeffs in her class which makes Mateo realize there are other men to date. She's at the Sturgis family photo which is a homage to the movie Willow. Zoe is dressed as a maiden. ("Glenn's Kids")

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